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Once you bite into Cheese Specialty Products International cheddar cheese, you will love the smooth texture and extra sharp flavor that comes from our careful 9-12 month aging process. We recommend pairing our cheddar cheese with crackers and fruit or simply dip it into spicy sweet mustard as a delightful appetizer. It’s also known to be a party favorite on platter trays paired with wine at soirées.


  • Made from fresh cheddar cheese and milk
  • No added preservatives, flavours, or colours
  • Add cheddar cheese to all classic recipes


  • Add to lasagna, pasta, and pizza for extra cheese flavour
  • Add on bread, bagels, and sandwiches
  • Perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches

Menu Ideas/Applications

  • Make a cheesy, delicious cheddar cheese soup
  • Cheddar cheese casseroles, soufflés, and pizza
  • Perfect for making fondue and hot biscuits

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, salt, annatto color (when applicable), enzymes, and cultures.